Friday, February 10, 2012

Grandpa Pfeifer

I'm so sorry to say that Michael’s grandpa, Grandpa Pfeifer, passed away on Sunday.

He's been failing in health recently and we believe that it was just his time to go home. My understanding is that he passed in the middle of the night, so in a way I think it’s comforting to think that he left earth the way a lot of us hope to…old age, in our sleep.I wish I’d known him a little better, or a little earlier, especially for Michael’s sake. That's the thing about grandparents, often times the years we get to spend with them are when we are too young/hyperactive/obnoxious to appreciate them. For example, I wish the 10 years I got to spend with my Grandpa John were from ages 20-30 so I would have appreciated his quiet intelligence instead of spending all my time playing with old Barbies and pretending the garage is a Steak 'n Shake and getting injured while playing on the fence out back. I bet Michael feels the same way about Grandpa P.

Grandpa Pfeifer liked old musicals and we talked about South Pacific and Showboat a time or two. Maybe he would have liked to have known that I did an crab dance while singing “BALI HAI” to Michael the entire week of our honeymoon.I’m glad that the Junebug got to meet him a couple times, even if she didn’t always return the smiles he had for her. I think both of them were just happy to stare in silence at each other. My heart goes out to my husband and to all my wonderful “In-Loves” who are most certainly in my prayers this week.

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