Monday, February 27, 2012

Fountain Hills Fair

On Saturday - with both of my parents in town - our little family split up for some adventuring. Michael went off with the menfolk to golf while I went to the Great Fair of Fountain Hills with my mom and an out-of-town guest. June and I matched in red skirts, and I'm pretty sure that matching her is about the most fun thing in the world.
That Great Fair really was great!
Hundreds - or at least what felt like hundreds - of booths with local art and festival food. I tell you, if I were in the market for turquoise jewelry or hand-crafted pottery or large metal art, I would have been in heaven. I was really hoping I'd find some beautiful, large, dramatic and affordable piece that reached out and grabbed my soul and said "YOU NEED ME" but it didn't happen.

Still, I had a great time walking around on this girls day!
At one point we stopped for a bite (and a nurse) and what a view we had.
That's my BBQ sandwich in the blurry foreground.

We went home and rested while we waited for the guys to be done with their game.
Look at those baby blues!
Later, we all went out to dinner. June was hamming it up for all the grownups, dancing to the live music and clapping her hands when we did.

We had plans to watch a movie that night but after a long, hot day out in the sun, we just wanted to go to bed early. June included.

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