Monday, February 13, 2012


When I heard that JP wanted to go to Ah-So for dinner - a teppanyaki restaurant where they cook the food in front of you - I got pretty excited. And since I'd recently seen a makeup tutorial on Youtube, I wanted to try out a new eyeliner trick. With new makeup comes dressing cute, so that was also attempted. I guess the problem comes in that not everyone feels that Ah-So necessitates a quasi-dress up, which meant that just about everyone in the restaurant was dressed like this:
While I dressed like this:
Michael and June were more moderately dressed, like this:
Having the food cooked in front of you was great because it gave June some entertainment all night long.
The chef guy gave each of us a shot at catching a little rice ball in our mouths. Each of the adults caught theirs!
And we might or might not have celebrated over-enthusiastically.

Birthday Sake Bombs, naturally.

Since Ah-So's definition of a birthday dessert is some orange pieces, we headed over to Freddy's for some ice cream to finish the night.
Happy Birthday, JP!


  1. What a good time! And you captured it perfectly in pictures! Your birthday is next. . .

  2. You did look did everyone and the rice balls and the Sake bombers! But the real heart breaker was the Turtle sundaes at Freddie's.....sure wish I could have been there instead of splayed out on the couch in DE! And don't worry, Junie Bugster will soon be catching those rice balls better than Victor Cruz! Love you, Anonymous Dad