Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Months!

No, we didn't exactly June's 10 month photos, it's just been a little crazy around here. Neither of us are back to 100% health but we snuck in the pics one night after work. Man, she was not interested in lying still for a picture this month.
So we made due with other poses.

At 10 months, June loves:
  • Babbling
  • Getting tickled and nibbled
  • Eating table foods...whatever it is as long as we're eating it too
Does NOT love:
  • Getting her face wiped after eating
  • Getting her nose suctioned out
What she's up to:
  • Walks while holding our hands or the walker
  • Holds her own sippy cup or bottle to drink. We have also been letting her drink out of a cup sometimes but we always hold it for her. The other day - just before we were leaving for the day - she got ahold of the cup and proceeded to dump it all over her face and chest. She had a stunned expression for just a second before breaking down into sad cries. It was the cutest thing ever.
  • She's trimming down a bit?
  • Every night one of us sits on the ground near June and we open a book. We muse to ourselves, saying things like, "Yep, just reading a book over here! All alone! No babies to read do!" She will immediately crawl over and sit in our laps so we'll read to her.
  • Lately she's been waking up at 4:30 to nurse and then go back to sleep for a couple hours. This is nice on the weekends because we get to sleep in 'til 7 or so. This is not so great on the week days because I've been having a really hard time going back to sleep.
I can't believe how close her first birthday is getting! She's growing so fast!

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