Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekday Date

There comes a time in every new-parent-with-a-child-in-daycare’s life where certain situations arise. One of these situations is when the daycare has a holiday or day off that the parents don’t have, which leaves the parents scrambling to figure out which one will stay home with the babe. This has happened once to us (daycare had a staff in-service day with trainings, safety re-certifications, etc.) and we settled it by having Michael stay home and later bring June into the office to visit me!

The other situation is the opposite…when mom and dad have a holiday but the daycare is open. At this juncture, you as a parent have two options:

1. Be a loving, self-sacrificing parent who keeps their baby home from daycare and play all day on the floor with toys and read “You’re My Little Lovebug” for the 207th time and struggle to get her down for naps, or

This second option means you either partake heavily in afternoon drinking, go dancing at whatever place has afternoon dancing (shady places), get into some sort of legal “misunderstanding” and blow an inordinate amount of money on knick knacks…or you spend all day at home in your sweatpants napping, watching bad television and experimenting with your sewing machine. There is no in between.

We have two such holidays approaching, but which option to do?

Michael and I had a terribly romantic conversation about a more “reasonable” or “practical” or “legal” option.

M: We’ll obviously sleep in and spend a little extra time with June.
J: Right.
M: Maybe we can have a nice, quiet lunch just the two of us.
J: Right!
M: Then we could go to a movie!
J: I’ll have to bring my breast pump!

Ah, romance!

It probably makes me a terrible human being, but I’m looking forward to our little daytime date. No babysitter pay or hurry home to. No concern about June being good/easy or getting to sleep. June’ll be with people she knows and loves an in a familiar place. Michael and I can go to a movie! In a movie theater! And have a meal in a restaurant like normal people - no trying to feed and entertain a tiny human! We'll hardly know what to do with ourselves!


  1. Wow, sounds like the world is your oyster! Enjoy your adventure. You deserve some couple time.

  2. Enjoy your romantic day off! How exciting indeed!