Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Salvage

By the end of this post you will realize that I put you, my three readers, above myself. I have to tell you about a cool little place I came across even if it means you'll go to the place and steal all the cute things before I get there.

It's called Sweet Salvage and it's only open once a month for four days (Thurs-Sun). It sells things of the shabby chic nature...antiques, refurbished furniture, old books, decorative items. Every month has a fresh theme. I went for the first time on Saturday with a dear friend and we had a great time.

My first goal was not to break anything and my second goal was to buy something. I'm so hesitant with decorating the home. We don't really have a set style and I'm a little indecisive. You also have to consider that Michael is not the type of husband to say, "Whatever you want, dear." He's the type who has an opinion, which can be a great thing or a frustrating thing (He vetoed the Hogwarts themed guest bathroom idea, go figure.)

I bought three things but I only have a picture of one. (All of these pictures were taken with my phone to be sent to Michael with a "WHAT DO YOU THINK?") This is a little old fashioned tool box I bought (items inside it not included).
Here's a little shelf unit that I loved but didn't get. As you might be able to see, it looks like the start of a spiral staircase and leads up to shelves. I thought it'd be cool in our little dining area to use in place of a china cabinet. Remi made a great point that my china cabinet would quickly turn into a china playground for the Junebug.
This chandelier reminded me of the awesome one we had in a cute townhouse we rented in Old Town Scottsdale. I didn't end up getting it but I might if it's still there next month.
Lastly, this is a cute old buffet. I thought about using it as an entryway table. Love the storage space, the old time feel, the narrowness of the whole thing. I got cold feet, however, and decided that this kind of purchase needed to be done with Michael in attendance.
Here's the website again. Check it out if you're interested! It's such a unique little place that I wish I had unlimited funds to spend in. And if you do go, save some deals for me!


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