Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Picnic

We went on a family walk with picnic pit stop today! We'd thought about going to a mall instead to walk around, shop and look at the puppies in the store. (I know, I know, puppy mills, etc. It's terrible. But they're so cute and June gets SO excited around dogs so we always walk through.) I'm so glad we decided to keep it outdoorsy.

It's so fun now that June can eat some of the things we eat. We brought a little jar of baby food with us but didn't end up using it because June ate pea crisps and avocado and turkey.

The grown ups also had some sliced meat and cheese and bread. Very romantic!

We also took June to the little playground. She was mostly interested in all the dogs that were walking through but we got her down the slide a couple of times.
And she really liked swinging!
I need more stuff like this in my life right now. I need more creativity, more slow time, more hand eating, more baby kisses. Couldn't every day be Sunday, just once?

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