Monday, January 30, 2012


Celebrity crush on Emma Stone and Seth Meyers.

Reading about different religions on the internet.

Can’t find the discs of my wedding pictures.

Found the soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt and have since been belting out lyrics such as “Thus saith the Lord!” and “I send my scourge, I send my sword!” and also embarrassing attempts at the Hebrew parts of “When You Believe.” June thinks “By the power of Ra!” is hilarious, btw.

Starting projects and not finishing them.

Strange fascination with the GOP candidates and also recording of the Daily Show on DVR.

June sent home from school for pooping her way out of her clothes no less than five times in one day.

Can’t get it right.

June is afraid of men with facial hair?

My boss lent me Atlas Shrugged to read but the first few pages were so boring that I find myself not reading during pumping breaks, but instead watching countless “Best Liz Lemon Scenes” YouTube clips on my phone.

Fig preserves.

Thinking non-stop about DDPP.

Thinking non-stop about direction and purpose.

Thinking non-stop.

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