Tuesday, January 3, 2012

June's Talent

Great news! I've found a way for June to contribute to the net income of our family! June - that girl is always so willing to help out!

In the last month she has become fixated on tiny things. So, for a small fee of mashed up sweet potatoes or puffed cereal, she can:

1. Let you know which moles and other skin-related imperfections you should have removed/have a doctor look at/make your beauty trademark! She loves to find these items, stare at them with a concerned look and rub them until they start to hurt! What a talent! Example: this mole:

I feel compelled to tell you that this is a close up of this picture:
In my search for photographic evidence of the above-referenced mole, I found that this was the only one I could find (in my brief 4 minute search) with it on display. I noticed that I am almost always turned the other way, showing my left side...? I don't...get it? Do I unknowingly have a "side"?


2. Help you find places of your house that need to be cleaned more meticulously! Or just embarrass you about the state of your house in front of other people! As in, "Oh, what's June picking at on floor over there? She's got...something..." "Let me see - oh, yes, that's just a droplet of baby food that appears to have hardened and ingrained itself into the tile. Don't mind that." Sweet!

And in case you'd like a video of her fixation, I present to you the following. (Make sure to watch until the end - there's a grand finale of June showing you her bulbous tummy!)

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