Friday, January 27, 2012

Dance Dance Party Party

I heard about this thing called Dance Dance Party Party (DDPP for short).

The basic concept is that women can get together in a location and dance…just…dance. The rules are: No boys. No booze. No judgment. There are no men allowed, so you don’t have to dress sexy or wear uncomfortable heels. You don’t have to worry about some guy trying to grind on your for 90 minutes doing the same up and down bounce move until you can no longer feel your quads. You don’t have to create a secret facial expression that tells your girls to come over and rescue you from this creeper.

You can show up wearing pink sequin booty shorts or sweats or a Venetian mask or a tutu. You can dance in a circle with some strangers or you can go dance alone by the multi-colored rotating disco ball that someone bought at Target for $19.99. You can try out sexy new moves or do interpretive dance or spend an entire song flopping around on the ground like a salmon. It's a completely free form dance group and by the end you're sweating like crazy.

The organizer makes a 60-minute songlist for everyone to jam out to, or people can sign up to be guest DJs (awesome DJ alias required) to make a playlist.

No one judges you because everyone is like you. Everyone there knows what it feels like to just want to dance. A group of girls who have each been caught dancing alone in their living rooms. Come together with girls like yourself, girls that work tedious jobs and sit in a cube all day on the computer. Or girls that are students who are sick of the bar scene or don’t want to pay cover charges or get drunk or get harassed by douchebags. You come and the lights are low and the music is loud and no one cares if you look like a crazy person spazzing on uppers. Dance it out. Kill it. It's exercise. It's therapy.

In short, this is my dream come true.

There's a group in Chicago and New York and they're popping up in cities all over the US and even in other countries. There isn't a Phoenix chapter yet. Am I insane for wanting to found one?


  1. I cannot help but notice that you sound very familiar with the guy-grind-sore-quad move. and for 90 minutes! I would be jello in 5.

    I expect that dance move to be the first one taught.

  2. also, any chance there will be some choreographed HSM dances? because then ALL my dreams would be coming true.....

  3. I am IN! No insanity at all, if only we lived in the same state and we could found one together.