Thursday, January 5, 2012

9 Months!

June has spent almost as much time as an outside baby as she did an inside baby! It's trite, but these past 9 months have really flown by. Sometimes I just stare at June and marvel at how big she is, how much she has changed, everything that she can do now that she couldn't before. I remember when I could hold her up against my shoulder while she was swaddled up like a little burrito. Now I can barely hold her longer than a few minutes because she's so squirmy (and heavy!).
At nine months, June:
  • Can clap, point and wave, dance (well, she rocks back and forth to music and sometimes waves her hands over her head)
  • Says "Mama" on her own and sometimes when we ask her to say it. When we cue her for "Dada" she pauses and says "Gah!" or just laughs.
  • Has started letting go of her hold on things while she stands. Michael let go of her while standing the other day and she just balanced there for about 8 or 9 seconds.
  • Loves to walk. She does this by holding our hands, shuffling along things or using the walker the my Mom and Dad got her for Christmas. Whenever she uses it she just beams with excitement.
  • Is still breastfed, but also eats baby food, cereal, puffs and overripe fruit and vegetables. She's also drinking water out of a sippy cup to keep her well-hydrated.
  • Has no teeth! Can't believe one hasn't popped through yet, especially since we've wondered if she was teething for about 5 months now. She gets very drooly sometimes and chews on things all the time, but none have come through yet! I have to say that I do look forward to her having teeth, but a part of me is dreading it. I'll lose her adorable gummy smile forever!
  • She's into everything. Just the hour in the morning is enough to stress us out because we're trying to get ready for work and June is getting in to everything. "She's got that leftover pregnancy test again." "Well, it's wrapped up, right? Can't hurt her." And the other day I was trapped in the shower because she was standing up against the glass door and I couldn't open it and risk toppling her back onto the tile. Thankfully Michael was soon home from the gym and I was rescued.
  • Thinks everything is funny, especially Mommy and Daddy making Junebug noises and tickling her and nibbling on her chubbs.
June modeling her Double Point pose.

We have a Well Baby check up tomorrow where we'll find out how much she weighs and how tall she is.
She's such a delight.
I've decided that we're either having 17 children or no more after June. 17 because, good Lord, if they're all like June I want ALL OF THE BABIES. None because I'm pretty sure that after June we're cosmically destined to get some sort of demon child.


  1. My oldest hada NO teeth at her first birthday! Late teether indeed...but tunrs out, its actually a good thing. Getting late baby teeth = late loosing baby teeth = less time to destory new adult teeth :) My dughter is 7.5 and just not lost her two front teeth...last one in her clss. and BTW thts a fact, if they get them late, they will lose them late!

  2. Loved your blog today, as usual! We enjoyed seeing her after Christmas and all the things she's doing now. Absolutely love seeing her with her walker. She's a doll and I'm betting all the little Julie's and Michael's will be just as fabulous!

  3. Lisa - thanks for the info! I was talking to someone about it the other day and she said "Don't worry, no one has grown up completely without teeth." True! And the losing teeth thing - that'll give us more time to decide if we're doing the whole Tooth Fairy thing or not.

    Mom - that walker is like her favorite thing ever. I can barely get the little phone away from her.