Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Milestones in One Weekend!

This past weekend marks the beginning of a new era in our household. It’s the beginning of the Can’t Leave June Alone, Not Even for One Moment era.

She’s crawling, folks!

What I’ve noticed about June is that she will appear to have no interest in doing something new. You’ll think that her doing it is still weeks or months off. And then she’ll do it for the once and suddenly be a master and want to do only that thing for hours on end.

I guess I just assumed that her first crawl attempt would look like a few inches of progress and then a plop to the floor. So, no, I didn’t think the coffee table book was in danger of dismemberment when it was 4 feet away from June and I was 4 feet away from both. (Who needs a table of contents, anyway?) So this weekend, while Michael and I were scrambling around trying to get things done (finish craft projects and Christmas shopping – Julie, make the house look like civilized humans inhabit it – Michael, spend time with great friends – both), we also had to keep one appendage on June at all times because she was determined to get into trouble.

Example: I tried to wrap Christmas presents. I did this just last weekend with June sitting near me happily playing with blocks and listening to my rendition of “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” both male and female parts. This weekend she and I practically had to pin her with one leg while I wrapped because she wanted to “help” by crawling on top of wrapping paper, attempting to eat tape and lunging unexpectedly towards scissors.

Another development: she’s said her first word! Or at least what I’m going to count as her first word. She loves the “ma” sound, so she says “MaMaMaMaMa” all the time. BUT, she started saying just "Mama" while looking at me, and I’ve gotten her to repeat it after me a couple of times. So I’m counting it!

A big weekend for the Bug!


  1. Are you very sure that she didn't utter 'papa' or perhaps 'vivi' as opposed to 'mama'?! My advice is to hide the car I recall with you, now that she can crawl, driving doesn't seem all that far away.

    Can't wait to see her in action! Love, AD

  2. And the real fun begins...
    Remember...once June starts talking and walking, there's no going back!