Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tech Tree

Our department never does anything to decorate for any holidays. It's too bad because, as the tech department, you'd think we'd be able to create some pretty awesome decor. Well, I decided that I was decorating for Christmas this year no matter what.

So I raided my mom's reject leftover Christmas decor and brought it in. That's how we ended up with this bad boy sitting joyfully in the hall:
Look closely - I made a tree skirt out of tech magazines.
And I raided the broken equipment closet to find ornaments. Here you can see a memory board, old cell phone, speaker and mouse:
And here a disc and a full keyboard:
I love it.

I also put up four nets of lights on the cubes.
A very Techy Christmas to you!


  1. Jules, you are so creative! I love the Christmas tree "ornaments" and skirt. So clever.

  2. Tis a smart leader who recognizes the need for their department to 'fit in', to be part of the larger organization....actually humanizes a typically inhuman function in many companies! Nicely done....AD