Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Sleeping Game

First of all, Happy New Year's Eve!

It's funny, I spent so much time looking forward to Christmas break and the change that it would bring...and here I am looking forward to getting back into the ol' routine again. Not that I'm dying to get back to work, it's just that I'll be happy to get June back to her little routine.

June takes 2 naps a day. She'll sometimes take more if it's been an active day or if she gets a little catnap in the car. Her naps usually take place during daycare hours and she gets in a little groove that's predictable and works for us. When we go on vacation...that changes.

We tried to put June down for naps around the normal times or when she seemed tired but she wasn't having it. First of all, she didn't have her normal crib to go down in. Also, she was constantly surrounded by a bunch of people who wanted to play with her, see her and enjoy her (lucky girl!). So when we tried to remove her to a place to nap, she wanted to get back to the action! Plus there was the added issue of having a more demanding and less flexible schedule. We tried to make due where we could, but we ended up with naps:

On Grandma Mickie's living room floor...

Quite a few in the car seat...
A Christmas living room nap...
And, when all else failed, in the Ergo...
(Seen here while Daddy played Scattergories. Wish I would have gotten a picture while he played Euchre with her in the Ergo with a sweater zipped over both of them!)

In the past 9 nights, June has slept in her own crib only twice and one of those times was after we got home at midnight from a late flight home. So, even though it means leaving family and returning to work, there is a part of me glad that June can get her routine back.

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