Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Tannenbaum

Happy Birthday to my Dad today!

In his honor I'd like to post my favorite thing in the world (besides the obvious choices like family and hot cocoa): Our Christmas Tree.

For the last couple of years we have used the hand-me-down from my parents, which was so nice. We admit that there are a lot of advantages of having a fake tree. But we thought about upgrading this year to a chubbier tree. (Our old one is now on display as the Tech Tree at work.) BUT, why would anyone want to buy an artificial tree in days leading up to Christmas? They're full price!

So we decided that, if e'er there was a time to experiment with a live tree, now was the time. Then, after the holiday, if we want to go artificial we'll snag up the sales.

So that left us here last weekend:

We finally decided on this charming specimen:

There was quite a deliberation about where it should go. We were quite aware of the tree height at the lot, but we didn't think much about its width. This tree is a lot fatter than our old one and it didn't look right in the same spot we had it in last year. So into the corner it goes!

And we finally got it decorated this week.
(Do you like my doily snowflakes on the walls?)

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  1. Love the addition of June's name to the Christmas Tree Skirt!