Saturday, December 17, 2011

Green Tomato Pie

What do you do when your boss gives you a bunch of green tomatoes?
You Google "What to do with a bunch of green tomatoes, not fried green tomatoes." The result I liked the best: Green Tomato Pie.

Some of the reviews said that it tasted like apple pie and that it's not all that uncommon in the South. I was intrigued.

It called for you to stack/layer all of the sliced tomatoes and then pour the sugar mixture on top. This went against my intuition because I kept picturing delicious sugary goodness on top and marinara pie on the bottom.

The pie came out beautiful. I love homemade crust.
The results:

First of all, I didn't have the thickening agent or any substitute, so I just did without. This worked out fine with a peach pie I made once and I had hopes for this one. This didn't turn out so well since tomatoes have a lot of liquid in them. It was a little soupy.
But once I cut the first piece I was able to drain the pie, as it were.

The taste really was good. I couldn't believe how sweet it was (actually I can, the recipe calls for 1 1/4 cups of sugar. I actually think it might have been better without that extra quarter cup). It did taste like apple pie and this crust recipe was so delicious.

Even my coworkers liked it, and I'm including one picky eater and two foodies!
In summation:

- Don't leave out thickener
- I think I'd like the tomatoes cut into smaller pieces because they didn't fall apart as much as I thought they would.
- I don't like raisins so I substituted craisins. They were delish.
- Use a little less sugar than it calls for

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  1. Your crust looks delish! Not sure I could get past the whole "green tomato" thing...