Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Christmas Wreath

To make this wreath, you need a few things.
1. The wreath base...I used one of those green foam (?) circles from the floral arrangement section of a craft store.
2. Pins
3. Felt circles in the color of your choosing

Let me count here...carry the one...hold the three... yeah, I cut out a total of 416 felt circles. Whew! My thumb hurts. Here's what I did: use a glass as a stencil, draw around it with a pen, repeat 8 other times on your sheet of felt, then cut 4 sheets of felt at the same time. This will quarter the amount of time you spend cutting felt.

To get the circles to look cool, fold in half and then in half again. Put the pin through the delta (tip) of the quarter circle and stick into the wreath base. Fluff the rosette.

Here's how it looked still in-process:
Add a little ornamentation and you're done!

And here is the finished product: