Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Christmas Card

This year my folks had their/our annual Christmas card taken inside a giant snow globe in the main area of Tempe Marketplace. It's a really cute and funny concept except that it requires all snow globers to get inside the thing and then wait around for a few minutes while it re-inflates.

I wish I had the finished product to show you but I didn't get a hard copy. It's really cute though!

And though these didn't make the official Christmas card cut this year, I had to include since they're so good. Supersized mall Christmas decor always makes for a merry back drop.

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  1. Jules: you are truly a beautiful young woman....really like your new haircut!!! But we all pale in the glow of the huge friendly smile of the lil' June Bug....I don't know how we can keep that smile going but it sure lights up all the photos! Love, AD