Sunday, December 4, 2011

Beanie Bonanza

Guess what last weekend's garage-go-through/harvest of second-hand Christmas decorations uncovered!?
That's right! About 50 Beanie Babies! I'm sure all together (tags intact) they're worth about $1,000,000 because that was the whole point of collecting and never actually playing with them, right? That they'd be worth a fortune one day?

I did a preliminary check into the Craigslist Beanie universe and it turns out that the market is quite diluted, to tell the truth. So if anyone is interested in buying I'm selling for $10,000 each!

No, but for true...I'll get rid of most but some of these old friends have just become Christmas presents for one little miss Junebug. Only my past faves, not that stupid pelican (Really, TY, a pelican?)

Side note: Also found my American Girl dolls and their school desk and bunk beds. The true question becomes what to keep and what to give away. What part am I holding on to for sheer nostalgia (my hand-written-on-torn-notebook-paper "book" for my "girls" called "The Trupet[sic]" about a boy who plays the trumpet but his neighbor gets mad) and what part would June possibly actually want one day? Won't kids be playing with holographic dolls by the time she's old enough to appreciate, anyway?

The tough choices of parenthood/garage hunting!

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