Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reactions to Breastfeeding

Can you think of anywhere that would be more awkward than a car dealership to be openly breastfeeding, without a cover or anything? Other than maybe an anti-breastfeeding conference? (Do they have anti-breastfeeding conferences? If so, anyone want to participate in a sit/feed-in with me?)

First of all, it's overrun with men. Before the feeding began I was approached by no less than four men in ties (salesmen) or coveralls (service department) asking if I wanted bottled water, a hamburger, hotdog or backrub.* They stopped by to make googly faces at June and tell me how many children/grandkids/nieces and nephews they have.

I was there to get our Prius serviced so I wasn't ther eto buy, but Michael still thinks they were trying to sell me something. I just think they were being nice. (I'm still sticking to my story that I will be the bad cop in all future car buying experiences.)

No one approached me while feeding and no one protested. I find this interesting because a pregnant mother made a passive aggressive anti-BFing comment near us at a burger joint the other day. A pregnant mother! Mom on mom hate! I couldn't believe it. I wish I could get in to a heated public debate about this but I would probably start crying because I don't do well with confrontation.

So my closing thoughts on this are: why would I get less hassle from a bunch of car men (Carmen?) than from a fellow mom? Women who think their own God-given breasts are gross or indecent confuse and sadden me.

Feed on, ladies!

* Okay, they didn't really offer a backrub.

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