Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Second Annual Turkey Day Games

Yes, we had them last year and Mom spearheaded them this year:

The Turkey Day Games!

First, the chipping contest.

The paper airplane creation:
And throwing contest:
(Michael was a little...special in this particular event. The above picture was taken after throwing his plane, bless him.)

There was also the ball toss/aim event, which I did with June in the Ergo!
There was also a battle of wits in the form of a trivia question-slash-riddle.

The winner of the affair was JP, of course, but I theorize that this was only the case because he just happened to retain the knowledge of creating the best paper airplane ever and refused to share the deets with the rest of us.

Congratulations, JP. UNTIL NEXT YEAR.


  1. I am really big on your new intro photo....great looking family, even if I am a bit prejudiced!

    Love always, AD

  2. I loved Thanksgiving and had a great time with the games! I hope it becomes an annual thing! maybe next year June and Kai can participate :-)