Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Plaid Pair

Our little family went shopping this past weekend and found some great steals for everyone - shoes for the adults and outfits for the baby! I'm usually perfectly happy to have June dress in a onesie and pants. I like for babies to look like babies and tend to put more interest in what is comfortable than what some might consider to be "cuter."

But on Saturday I found a sale on baby jeans and a rack of tops that were $2.99 so I couldn't help myself. I dressed June for Sunday and went gaga over how cute she looked.

Sweet jeggings, June!

And then I remembered that I too have a purple plaid shirt. So...
I just about died of happiness. So did June.
Michael consented to take some pictures in between shaking his head slowly at me.

Thank goodness we actually had someplace to go! We were meeting June's birthday buddy Matteo, his mom Lyndsey her mom Carol and my mom Vicki. A lot of mothering was going on that day.
The idea was that we girls would make sleep sacks for our babies using our moms' sewing machines. This was an epic fail because Lynds didn't have time to get her materials and I had troubles with my machine. We still got to sit around, play with babies, eat delicious food and catch up, though, so it was a day well spent!


  1. I love love LOVE that picture of you and June dying of happiness! You both are just adorable :)

  2. Aw I feel so guilty now for making it an epic fail :(