Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've discovered something.

I am a much better shopper now that I have June. Specifically, I'm a much better shopper now that I have June but when I am not with her and have a set amount of time before I have to get back to the house where she is.

I remember one Sunday when Michael offered to hang out with June while I ran out to get some new work clothes/clothes that don't make me feel like my fashion equivalent is Pam from The Office. I spent about an hour in one huge store and walked away with two bags full of new outfit material. What I suspect to be the reason for this unprecedented success: the Blink theory.

When in shopping circumstances like mentioned above, I am forced to make decisions quickly and almost automatically. The author of Blink basically says that we are able to gather the most useful information in a very short amount of time - that spontaneous decisions are often the most accurate or best-suited. Having too much time can sometimes interfere with the ability to make correct decisions. This is why I have decided that speed shopping is the way to go.

BUT WAIT, because here's the good part.

Saturday. I needed flats. Michael watched June. I had about 90 minutes before she was due to eat again. AND THIS IS WHAT I FOUND:
I'm in love.
I think I'm going to try to find some ribbon laces.

Look how versatile! You can wear your jeans tucked in!
Guess how much!


I know. I didn't believe it either. I found a pair of these bad boys in the Clearance section but they were a size six. Since I'm not a pixie, I moved on with a shattered heart. There were no other sizes. Until I found one last pair hiding behind a pair of snakeskin pumps and some confused wedges. And I looked at the size and ... angel choir singing. After picking myself up off the floor, I sprinted to the checkout line and made my way home to model my new kicks to the family.

Even Michael likes them. And June, but she's a given...she smiles at everything.
And lastly - 400th post, y'all!

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