Saturday, November 19, 2011

Armed and Dangerous

If you didn't know, the fourth Twilight book/film is about Bella getting pregnant with a half-vampire baby who is basically killing Bella from the inside out. So, naturally:
I made a costume.

The baby arm is sparkly because in Stephanie Meyer's universe, vampires sparkle in the sun.
I decided to make this after reading the email between the girls who Remi and I were going with. They made some references to dressing up and seemed like a fun group so I pulled this outfit together.
To be honest, I didn't actually wear it to the theater. I might have if we were going to go and wait ahead of time with the crowds but we ended up cutting it pretty close. I didn't want to wear it if no one was going to see it, and then I found out that none of the other girls had dressed up either.
(That's my angsty Bella impersonation)

The girls were totally cool and would have loved the costume, I'm sure, but I am glad I decided to nix it. Afterwards we stood around a while and talked. It would have been a little weird to be standing around with my sparkly baby arm with these adorable girls I just met in their leggings, heels and tunics.

But still:
And BONUS! The trial-run, reject baby arm became June's fave new toy! Upcycling for the win!

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  1. You kill me with your creativity! Erik and I both love your costume!