Saturday, November 5, 2011

7 Months Old!

Our girl turned 7 months today!
She had a big day of Walking to End Alzheimer's, but more about that on a different post.
What do you think, are those eyes going to stay blue?
Our Junebug:
  • Is sitting up, pulling herself to her feet (while holding on to our hands, body) and enjoying long stretches of standing up while holding on to the couch, etc.
  • Is eating solids twice a day. She's a little fickle. One day she'll gobble down a ton of solids and the next day she'll only eat a few bites. We're not forcing it.
  • Loves making noise. Her favorite sounds are "Ga!Ga!" "Ma!Ma!" "Da!Da!" and a few "Ba!Ba!" but nothing we're counting as true first words yet. Her favorite, though, is shrieking at loud volumes, blowing raspberries and laughing.
  • Is all about fine motor skills. She loves picking up her Binks, moving it from hand to hand and then placing it in her mouth.
  • Isn't crawling but she's got some movement going. She'll move from the sitting-up position to her hands and knees and sort of crawl outwards but can't really put all the movements together long-term. So anything within a 3 foot radius is fair game.
  • No teeth yet! We've been pretty convinced that she's teething for about 3 months now with nothing to show for it. She's so funny...she loves chewing on Michael's nose and my chin. She giggles while she does it and I laugh my head off.
  • Is starting to grow some hair! See?

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  1. Hi Jules: I sure miss all you guys....and can't wait to see you soon, but your blogs really go a long way to helping! Junie the Bug is really growing up fast; I hope she remembers her papa....I think that is her official first word, and not "anticipate"! Anonymous Dad