Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Wet Blanket

This weekend was tough for our little family.

First, Michael got foot surgery on Friday (for the other foot - bunion correction surgery to be exact). It went really well - the doc even said it "might even be better than the other foot." I was mentally preparing for what it would be like taking care of him while also being on my own for taking care of June.

Then I got sick. God, I hate being sick. I know, I one likes being sick. But I'll tell you what else I hate...hearing your coworker sneeze and cough and hack and loogie it up for a week knowing that you're slowly being infected by his/her floatie germs and amoebas. So I got sick...the kind of sick that starts with a sore throat and moves through the stages of sneezing, faucet nose and the lung-tearing cough all while harboring that head-under-water headache.

Under any other circumstances I would have taken it totally easy and relaxed all weekend, letting Michael take the reigns and snuggling with June, but this weekend I couldn't do that.

And June got sick.

I had all these plans to get things done for the Halloween party we're throwing on the 29th. That didn't happen.

My parents were in town and they came over to help us out. I have some really sweet pictures of Kai and June playing together (I'll post once I muster the energy to walk over to get my camera). It's because of my folks that we actually ate food over the weekend. I've already told Michael that I don't plan on cooking this week so I hope he's happy with a steady diet of Subway, Paradise Bakery, Chipotle and Pei Wei. I'm sorry. I'm not super mom. I don't feel like doing stuff and also cook dinner all night. I have laundry that's been sitting wet in the washer and I don't remember how long it's been in there. And my boss caught me sitting at my desk with tissue stuffed up my nostril to catch the watery snot that wouldn't stop dripping. And tomorrow is our anniversary and I haven't planned anything spectacular, so I'm also feeling pretty crappy about that.

I'm just a little worn down. That's all.


  1. awwww! I hope you feel better sister!

  2. Whewwwww.....I almost caught a cold just reading your description of your illness!! Glad we could be of some help, but hang in the Martin family motto says, We Make Plans and God Laughs!! Remember that life's problems are like kidney stones....this too will pass!!!!! June, Kai and Einstein were just the best entertainment possible....we love you guys! Anonymous Dad