Monday, January 2, 2012

Still Posting about Christmas

Whenever my family gets together we have a good time and usually at least one person ends up tearing up from laughing so hard. This year I think we got both my Dad and Uncle Dan.

Michael, June and I were only present for the last two days of their time in Arizona and they were kind enough to hold off on the big family exchange until we got back in town.
The family playing Scattergories. The thumbs up/thumbs down are votes or whether or not we would accept an answer.
Michael and I made dinner that night - beef burgundy, mashed potatoes and bacony asparagus.
June opened her gifts early and then said goodnight.

This fun picture is right about the time when JP looked up the Werther's Original commercial so we could get an accurate reading of whether or not my cousin Eric's sweater looked like the Grandpa's.

Michael got a headlamp flashlight this year and it was A HIT. He can't wait to start fixing things in the dark and/or jogging.
My Aunt Lorie made these battle bonnets for the boys. SO JEALOUS.
See what I mean about the tearing up?
We finished off the night with a heated game of Catchphrase. Love this game. There was intimidation, trash-talking and Michael tried a couple of methods of distraction. Against me: seduction. Against JP: blinding by way of headlamp. Merry Christmas!

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