Monday, January 2, 2012

Sew Excited

I got a sewing machine for Christmas, y'all! (Thanks, Mom!)

I'm beside myself with excitement. Whattodofirst whattodofirst? Potential projects keep running through my mind. Pillow cases for the couches. Ruffle skirt for June. Ruffle skirt for me. A quilt made of my old soccer jerseys. A "hostess apron" that I saw someone selling at a craft fair and thought "pfft, $40, yeah right." A maxi skirt. A sleep sack.

Here's the problem: where do I set up shop?

If I'm really going to make a lot of things (hope!) it would be awful annoying to have to pack up all my thread, buttons, fabric, zippers, bobbins and machine every time I use it. Should I just keep it out on my dining room table until I'm finished with a set of projects? Would Michael be able to endure the clutter?

Here's an alternative: make a Creative Closet.
I could use a closet and turn it into a mini crafting room. I could store some of my other stuff in there (scrapbooking stuff, gift wrapping, hot glue gun and other random crafting stuff) and have a little table space to actually do work.

Questions: Does a guest bedroom really need a working closet? What if I left one rack open for hanging use? Could I use a quirky lamp inside it? Would I ever see Michael post Junebug bedtime? Would Michael approve? Am I even going to be crafting enough to warrant a Crafting Closet anyway?

Please vote in the poll!

1 comment:

  1. Definitely, you should convert the guest room closet!
    What a creative idea!