Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember me?

Here's that requisite note saying that I'm sorry for my poor blogging habits lately. Going over a week without posting is the longest I've done without being out of town. Let's just say that I've been out of town mentally lately.

The stars have just been aligned for me not blogging.
  1. I've been busy. I started at my new job on Tuesday. I have a lot less down time during the day, am working later hours and at the end of the day I just don't feel like breaking out the computer again.
  2. Our one working computer at home is drawing its sad last breaths. It's slow, unreliable and putters through uploading pages. We already saved all our stuff onto an external hard drive, so now I don't want to upload any pics to this comp that could die at any moment.
  3. I've been distracted lately, oh so distracted.

Starting work. It's been a good long first week, full of learning and observing and reading. Like a huge information dump and I've been doing my best to make like a sponge. I have only one story that might be remotely interesting.

There's a tech training room where each station has its own computer. I was killing some time in between sessions and my coworker, the trainer, was checking his email on the "Instructor" computer. Since I was on a "Student" computer, I didn't have any access to the Internet, so I was considering opening a spreadsheet and just entering random information. Then my eye caught on an icon for a Typing Tutor.

After messing around with the words per minute and typing tests, I saw a button for "Typing Game." It was a lot like Duck Hunt, where a duck with a word across it would fly up the screen and you'd have to type it in before the duck made it out of sight. Simple. Tame.

The first word was "gultch." The second, no kidding, was "clitoris."

WHAT?!? How did this happen? A glitch? Did some clever student in one of the classes find a way to hack into the Typing Tutor system? Should I tell someone? Would I ever be able to prove that the word was written and not the pervy delusion of that new employee oddity? The next words were completely normal and in no way related to female genitalia.

But did I type the word "clitoris" into the computer?


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  1. That is so hilarious! I wouldn't expect any less of you - good follow through Jules, no matter the subject matter :)

    I'm so glad your first week was good :) Sorry I caught you while you were still there yesterday! I just couldn't wait a minute longer to find out how it was going.

    Me = impatient.