Friday, August 6, 2010


Sometimes marriage is not easy.

Sometimes one of you makes a clicking noise in the back of your throat when you sleep, not allowing the other member of the marriage to fall asleep.

Sometimes one person is much worse at keeping secrets than the other.

Sometimes one person just can't seem to find the motivation to clear off all the junk on top of her dresser and it just sits there forever looking so very untidy.

Sometimes you've been in out of town for a week and are so ready to come home that you become irritaty and complainy and restless.

Sometimes the air conditioner stops working and you're left to sleep through an arid Arizona night and swelter in the heat of day for 30 minutes before saying "FORGET IT" and driving up to your parents house for the weekend.

But other times marriage is easy.

Like when you come home from Louisville to find that the other person bought all the snacks you mentioned wanting on the phone the other day.

And snacks are so much more important than a clicking noise anyway.


  1. my favorite post thus far.

    love you jules.

    I hope those snacks included something from Trader Joes. Chocolate covered power berries?

  2. ps- you'll never guess what happened at work today.

  3. Julie, you are learning fast that sometimes marriage is hard and sometimes it's very easy. May you have more easy times than difficult ones.

    Your dad and I are glad our home is close enough to be your "second home". Enjoy the pool and relax.
    P.S. I hope your A/C problem isn't serious. . .

  4. "Great minds think alike..." I opened this comment box to congratulate you on realizing that married life will not always be perfect. I pray that you will continue to find the good times more rewarding than the difficult times are frustrating. After nearly 40 years, I always remember the song lyrics: "Momma said there'll be days like this..." and then focus on the great ones!