Friday, August 13, 2010

The Life and Death of a Cupcake

This week we had a going away potluck to celebrate the Ashley's last week at work. Since my cake decorator kit had gathered a bit of dust since its last use, I offered to make the sweet treats for the event.

Unfortunately I didn't end up with a ton of time, so I had to go simple. I still like the way they turned out.

First, I used a new technique that I learned from a food network show, rolling my cupcakes in colored sugar to make little red glistening snowballs.

These were pretty and delicious. These little sugar ones are the only sprinkles I really like.

Next I decided to pipe "goodbye" in different languages onto the cupcakes.

These turned out pretty well, but Auf Wiedersehn ended up with a hyphen in it, as I'm sure you can imagine.

While there were some leftovers after the potluck, I wouldn't say there were any survivors.

For any of you non-Arizonans, this might show you one small side-effect of living in America's Oven. This was after about 30 minutes in the car while I ran in the store. They were pretty while they lasted!


  1. Ha, the samething happen to me the other day and it was only for 10 mins. Those sure do look yummy.

  2. Jules: What can I say? We make cupcakes.....and God laughs!!!!!

    You and Michael are really funny....I am thinking there is a new TV show coming....Last Comic Couple Standing!

    Love, AD

  3. Julie, Those pictures of the melted cupcakes are hilarious (or sad depending on if it was before or after the party ;-) Anyway, they still look yummy. I look forward to when I am in AZ and can sample your cupcake sweet treats again!

  4. Julie, you make such beautiful treats! I can't believe how they melted too, crazy!