Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glad to Be Gathering Moss

Today I had to fill out a form listing all of the residences I've lived in for the past seven years.

My list was nine items long.

And those are all in Arizona.

I knew that I've moved around a lot but it never really hit me quite how much until now. This is an exercise in complete narcissism and nostalgia, so feel free not to read any further, but this is my journey into my recent homes past.
  1. Current home. First owned space. Love nest.

  2. Townhouse in Old Town Scottsdale. Cool location, walking distance to the mall and bars/clubs. Had a cool ceramic chandelier that I was unable to buy off the owner.

  3. Small and dark apartment. First living situation after marriage. A sweet period of time, but I'm glad we didn't stay here long.

  4. Renting a room out of a house near campus to finish off my college career. Found out that living with a friend can really test the relationship.

  5. Rented a room in a condo from a stranger I met on Didn't get murdered.

  6. Stayed at Mom and Dad's new home between living in Flagstaff and starting at ASU.

  7. Lived with three teammates in Flagstaff in a little home. It started beautifully, ended horribly.

  8. Lived in the dorms. Had a cool roommate. Burnt popcorn once and malodorized the entire 7th Floor. Got hate messages on our whiteboard. Spent hours talking on the phone with a handsome stranger and future husband.

  9. Mom and Dad's previous house during high school. Number of times I had sleepovers on the trampoline and was woken in a pile of limbs in the center of the tramp by the sprinklers going off: 2. Number of times I sneaked out of my bedroom's French doors to go skinny dipping in the backyard with girlfriends: 1. Number of times I sneaked out through said doors to meet a boy: 0. Hm. I, apparently, was lame.


  1. Oh boy did we have some good times at the high school house! :) I miss the trampoline, and the pool with skinny dipping memories.

  2. Very interesting! I should compile this list....fond memories. GREAT to see you yesterday, loved catching up!

  3. why do we get so much pleasure as teens to be naked in water?

    my skinny d memory? My sister found out my friends and I were doing it and called our boy neighbor to come over. He was a tad nerdy. And more than a tad surprised at what he found.